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THE PATRIOTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL AGAIN!!! Why you should be rooting for them as well....Oh, I'll talk some real estate too.

THE PATRIOTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!! AGAIN!!! This is why you should be rooting for them as well...Oh, & I'm going to share some stories with you too. With all the awesome times I’ve had with my clients, I’ve also had some crazy shit happen too. Whether it be with sellers or buyers, I have a lifetime of stories to tell and have been told I need to write a book with all my crazy experiences (Maybe I have started?).

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What's Happening in 2018

What a ride 2017 was! The Next Level Group had some awesome things happen in 2017 and also some bad things happen. Here recently, I got called a “used car salesman” because a buyer lied to a lender about her own finances and got caught 3 days before closing, but I’m the untrustworthy one?! This happens in our business all the time! This isn’t like Million Dollar Listing where I fist bump and pump constantly. I man cry, a lot actually, because sometimes I just can’t fix the problem and I HATE that part.

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Market report: The Fed will hike as soon as next month

federal reserve rate hike 2017

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Inman Special Report for 2017 Real Estate Industry Outlook


Special Report: 2017 real estate industry outlook

2017 will be all about being nimble, responding quickly to market changes and keeping your clients informedPUBLISHED ON DEC 29, 2016

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Why Does Zillow & Trulia Suck?!

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